Web-to-lead is the easiest way how to generate leads from your web page into Salesforce CRM. Some users use web-to-lead as ‘Contact us’ form or required step before allowing the content on the web page to be published. When you have leads in your org, you can contact them and, hopefully, convert into contacts with created opportunities. Everything is up to your decision.  

If you want use web-to-lead and your web page is created by wordpress CMS, there is an option to use some plugin for it that saves your time when developing a new one. If you do not use wordpress, please read this article <web-to-led-without-span>.

To advice, the best plugin to integrate web-to-lead  is ‘WordPress-to-lead for Salesforce CRM’. You can find it at https://wordpress.org/plugins/salesforce-wordpress-to-lead/ . After quick instalation, you need only org ID ( in salesforce go Setup -> Company Profile -> Company Information and find Salesforce.com Organization ID.) which you paste in plugin settings (in wordpress go to Settings -> Salesforce and find ‘Your Salesforce.com organisation ID:’, paste your ID and click on ‘Save WordPress-to-Lead Settings’).

At the bottom of the settings page click on ‘Add new form’ and set up which fields you want use and other settings. When you finish with processing your setups, click on ‘Save Form’. To implement your form into ‘Contact us’ page, insert shortcode 

into your page (you can put it into post too). X is the number (Id) of the form that can be found at the bottom table ‘Form’ on Settings page for plugin, next to the name of your form.

After finishing all steps, I recommend you to try how does it work. Go to the page where  you want insert the form, put some dummy data and click on the button. Then, check if your new lead has been created.
Tip: create workflow to send you email, when new lead from web-to-lead is created, to help you contact new lead ASAP.

Article written by Maroš Sitko, Senior Developer