Salesforce NPSP (Non Profit Starter Pack)

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Accounts are Organizations or Households which contain one or more related Contacts (Donors). Each Household has one Primary Contact, Address information, Donation Information and Membership Information.

Contacts are donors which are usually related to Household. If Household doesn’t exist, Salesforce automatically create New Household (based on Contact Name). Contacts can be in different relationships and these realtions can be easily visualized in Salesforce.

Opportunities are Donations from idividuals or Organizations. There are five types of Opportunities:

  • Donation – Donation Received
  • Grant – Grant Received
  • Major Gift – Large Donation from a Major Donor
  • Matching Donation – Matching Donation from an Donor’s Employer or other Organization
  • Membership – A membership record type

Predefined Stages in Nonprofit Starter Pack are:

  • Prospecting (0%)
  • Pledged (50%)
  • Posted (100%)
  • Closed Lost (0%)
  • Closed Won (100%)
  • Withdrawn (0%)

Recurring Donation is donation that occurs more than once over a period of time. Recurring donations can be open-ended and continue in perpetuity, or they can be fixed-length donations (for example, monthly, yearly, and so on), with a start and end date.

Opportunity Rollups: In the Nonprofit Starter Pack, Account and Contact records include several rollup fields that display totals based on their related Opportunities – Membership Information, Total Gifts, Soft Credits, Household Donations, Donation Statistics.

Campaigns are used to managing and tracking marketing initiatives, analyzing the effectiveness of campaigns and measuring marketing ROI.

Campaign Types:


  • Default Campaign


  • Volunteer Campaign – A campaign used to track Volunteers

Volunteers App

Volunteers App is the AppExchange application that lets you manage your organization’s volunteer program all within Salesforce.

Main Tabs:

Volunteers Wizard – The Volunteers Wizard creates a new Volunteer Campaign, and allows you to either copy all the Volunteer Jobs, Shifts, and Hours from an existing campaign, or to create sample Jobs and Shifts.

Volunteer Jobs – Here you can edit Volunteer Job Name, Campaign, Skills Needed, Description and Location.

Volunteers Shift Calendar – Calendar which is used to reviewing Campaigns and Volunteer’s Jobs

Find Volunteers – You can find Volunteers based on Predefined Criteria and assign them to a Job or Shift

Leads – or new potential Volunteers