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Custom Salesfroce extension for ERP using canvas technology


Canvas functionality is a new technology from for platform. This functionality allows direct communication between salesforce’s visualforce pages and third party applications. Browser does not allow to communicate between pages from different domain by default as it is security issue. Canvas from allows support such type of communication, what is its advantage. [...]

Advanced Revenue Tracking Application

This solution allowed the finance department of our client to view future recognized revenue in an interactive user interface. Various past and future time periods were accessible via easy to navigate dropdowns, allowing finance users to rapidly assess sales performance (e.g. Opportunity data) for reporting back to the chief revenue officer.

Customized Forecast Management Application

This solution created an intuitive user interface for our advanced forecasting needs. Clients leverage this solution rather than utilize the standard Forecasting functionality which may not meet their needs or to replace existing inflexible legacy forecasting applications.