Nintex Drawloop is a cloud-based application that facilitates creation, management and storage of documents within Salesforce. The Drawloop document generation service eliminates the manual processes associated with administering documents outside of the Salesforce environment. Data from any standard or custom object can be merged quickly and easily into any combination of Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF document templates.

Drawloop can be installed from the AppExchange Marketplace and is Lightning ready. The App allows to automate and accelerate the creation of documents. Instead of a complex document generation process, the end user configures and creates his documents by few mouse clicks without leaving the familiarity of the Salesforce environment. Data from custom business processes and business logic can be called, and also advanced calculations can be carried out using Excel as a middleware. Administrators are able to schedule document generation processes, apply permission sets and user profiles.

Disadvantages of the App are

  • the relatively long training period to get into the Drawloop specific logic,
  • design restrictions which limit the user experience, and
  • a difficult administration of complex document packages.
  • In order to modify document templates, you have to download and modify them outside of the Salesforce environment.

Once you know how Drawloop works, the process is rather simple:

  1. Create a template in Microsoft Office and map Salesforce standard or custom object fields using customized object relations and specific field tags. Carry out complex calculations using Excel as a middleware.
  2. Upload templates and specify further output and filter options in Salesforce.
  3. Add buttons to the page layouts of an object and generate documents. Specify the export criteria and create an attachment or download.

For a demo, check out the video on the drawloop website or get a free 30-day trial version.