What is Desk.com ? Let us introduce and bring a short overview of Desk.com with its main attributes.

  • Multibrand support at one place – you can easily manage your brands into one place from a single portal and create separate support or help centers for each brand on the same platform.
  • Case Management – you can easily manage your Cases in intuitive UI as Standad User (Agent), but as an Administrator you can set up and assign specific Cases to specific Agents, track and analyze their performance, categorize cases based on the pre-defined rules, define auto-responder macros, and etc.
  • Provides Business Insights – you can analyze the performance of each Agent and your company as well. Desk.com allows you to discover areas mostly oriented to the customer support requests.
  • CTI Integration Enhancement – integration with phone lines.
  • Desk.com is primary oriented on small enterprises or startups. It is easy to set up and  UI is simple to use, too. However, the application is not customizable as Salesforce. The best solution for big companies is an integrated Desk.com and Salesforce where Desk.com focuses on customer communication and Salesforce provides the rest.

What do you need to know?

  • Desk.com can be used with Salesforce Professional Edition or above
  • You can do object mapping between Desk.com and Salesforce:
    • Desk Customer ↔ Salesforce Contact
    • Desk Company ↔ Salesforce Account
    • Desk Case ↔ Salesforce Case
  • You cannot change the Case Status or Case Priority picklist values in Desk.com, so you must be sure that these values are set up in Salesforce as:
    • Case Status: New, Open, Pending, Resolved
    • Case Priority: High, Medium, Low
  • Standard Filed Mapping between Desk.com and Salesforce:
    • Contact: Name, Title, Phone, Email
    • Account: Account Name
    • Case: Status, Priority, Subject, Description. Case Number is not synced by default, but you can use Custom Filed Mapping to sync it.
  • Custom Field Mapping between Desk.com and Salesforce:
    • Text in Desk ↔ Text in Salesforce
    • List in Desk ↔ Picklist in Salesforce
    • True/False (Boolean) in Desk ↔ Checkbox in Salesforce
    • Date in Desk ↔ Date in Salesforce
  • Sync Time:
    • Desk to Salesforce is immediate
    • Salesforce to Desk is up to 5 minutes
  • Only New / Edited Reords (Customers, Companies or Cases) are synced
  • You cannot sync:
    • Lookup Relationships
    • Reference Fields
    • Number Fields
    • Formula Fields
    • Data Fields
    • Text Area
    • Roll-Up Summary Fields
    • Currency Fields
    • Geolocation
    • Percent
    • Multi-select Picklist

               …but you can use Desk Salesforce widget

You can also add Chatter feed in Salesforce via Desk.com (e.g. when Cases change their status into pre-defined one

Social media – channels:

  • Twitter
    • adding one or more Twitter accounts
    • automatically assigns cases from Twitter Account to special group of Agents
    • set up default reply Account
    • monitor Direct Messages
  • Facebook
    • before adding a new Facebook Account, you need to be logout from your other Facebook Account
    • you need to be an Admin of the Facebook Page
    • automaticaly assign cases from the Twitter Account to the special group of Agents
    • you can select what you want to import from Facebook to Desk.com
      • Visitor Posts
      • Company Posts
      • Private Messages

Filters (List Views):

  • create a new filter with conditions (here you can select channel of cases, status, set grouping, sorting, permissions)


  • Auto Assign to Specific Group
  • Auto Assign to User
  • Add Folder
  • Add Priority
  • Add Quick Reply
  • Add Note
  • Add Article
  • Set Label
  • Set Case Sync Customer to Salesforce
  • Set Case Sync Case to Salesforce

Article written by Cecília Havrilová, CRM Consultant