Salesforce Consultant position opened

From local startup to global player                                                       Be part of the story! Different from big IT corporations, at CassaCloud we are excited and proud about building a rather small IT consultancy boutique with focus on Salesforce, from scratch. We are still young and small for everyone to matter, but not a startup anymore. CassaCloud has [...]

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Static Code Analysis with PMD

Key software abilities and qualities comprise of the following properties: availability, reliability, safety, integrity and maintainability. Thus, the implementation of a profound code analysis technique contributes highly to assuring code quality and reliability by checking if recommended or common programming practices are violated. Meaningful Software Metrics are needed to point out weaknesses in code and [...]

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Introduction to Communities

Communities are a great way to share information and collaborate with people outside your company who are key to your business processes, such as customers or partners. You can create multiple communities within your organization for different purposes. For example, you could create a customer support community to reduce support costs, or a channel sales [...]

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Ant Migration Tool

Deployment Automation with the Ant Migration Tool Within the Salesforce framework, there are several tools and processes for migrating changes from one development environment to another and to deploying to a production organization, each having its advantages and restrictions. The most flexible tool is the Migration Tool. It is Java/Ant-based and allows the migration of [...]

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Nintex Drawloop is a cloud-based application that facilitates creation, management and storage of documents within Salesforce. The Drawloop document generation service eliminates the manual processes associated with administering documents outside of the Salesforce environment. Data from any standard or custom object can be merged quickly and easily into any combination of Word, Excel, PowerPoint or [...]

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Simple editing and record searching

If we need to find out whether there are similar or the same records to the current record, we can choose from the several methods, e.g.: use soql use search field in salesforce manual finding ... This method uses the standard function for searching records from Salesforce, but with already predefined search criteria (predefined is [...]

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Menu organization in Salesforce 1

Menu on the left side in Salesforce1 contains objects which “randomly” appear (based on some logic) In this moment Salesforce1 organizes menu itself for every user based on the visit frequency and date of the object creation.This functionality belongs to the standard functionalities and cannot be changed. What can be changed is whether the object [...]

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Salesforce Lightning – future design

Lightning is relatively a new concept in Salesforce world and we are going to take a detailed view what does the term ¨Lightning’’ mean, what are its main advantages or disadvantages, and what are the requirements for IT companies. At the very beginning, let’s look at the Lightning fundamentals. The key terms of today’s IT [...]

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How to setup Opportunity splits

With Opportunity Splits you can divide Opportunity Revenue and Opportunity Credits between Opportunity Team Members. Splits can be rolled up in the pipeline and forecast reports. If you want to use Opportunity Splits, you need to enable Opportunity Teams. To setup Opportunity Teams, go to:   Setup → Customize → Opportunities → Opportunity Teams → [...]

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How to rename picklist value in Salesforce

If you do not know how to rename picklist value in Salesforce, here you find the steps how to proceed. Our experienced Salesforce consultants, testers and developers answer to any question or problem. Go to picklist value and click Edit. Type new picklist value and click Save. All existing records value will be updated with [...]

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